Wall Street Plaza

Where it all began

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This community is for the old school... The people who remember the old Wall Street Plaza, ca. 1990-1995, Orlando, Florida.

If you were a scene regular or just an occasional interloper, someone with a story to tell, an ear to listen to them, or just a desire to meet up with people from that place in our past. Post stories, pictures, bios, "looking for"s... Tell us how you met your first wife, lost your virginity, got your first hit of acid or first got arrested.. or just hook up with the people who know you best because they knew all your secrets back then, faster than electricity or television. Let us know what your handle was back then if you had one. Pull up a square of cement and tell us your story.

And by all means, introduce yourself to the community when you join!

This community is moderated by eddie_offermann.

Feel free to link to this banner or copy it to your own server to use to refer people to this community. I'd really like to encourage people from the old Wall Street to add this image to their profile pages and such to help bring more of the old scene together. There are people I'd love to see again, love to know where they are and that they're ok.

On a related note for those of you who frequented Visage,
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