ghostovorlando (ghostovorlando) wrote in wallstreetplaza,

It was 15 years ago today I believe.. this December day ~

...that a whole bunch of really nice people I knew got arrested downtown for 'squatting.'  Or was the official charge 'tresspassing?' 
I remember this because I was there~arriving mere  minutes upon the scene with a friend after everyone had been either taken away by Orlando's 'finest,'  or scampered off on their own will or otherwise.
What a crazy day it was.

     I would just like to say this online community is a wonderful idea.  I've lurked here now and again, and you all have helped me relive some memories. It's nice to see so many of you again. Now I know I am not alone when I attest as so many others here have that the days of WSP were some of the most memorable, most crazy-wonderful, most intense times of my life...No doubt, I am indebted to everyone who helped make it so special. The good times, the bad times, wonderful highs and bad trips, the craziness and the serenity of that old room lounging on the sofa in the back of Yab Yum. To Everybody,  in spirit (and elsewhere). I have not forgotten anyone, and I've never encountered that fantastic weirdness that was that parallel world of family friends and intimate acquaintances that was Wall Street Plaza in the early 1990s.

Anyway, just wanted to note the symbolism of those who were arrested today so many years ago for what was essentially a nonsense crime...that which anyone who has ever been homeless knows we all just needed a place to temporarily rest our tired bones until it was time to meet later that night....Most definitely on Wall Street.

My Best to all

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