Eddie Offermann (eddie_offermann) wrote in wallstreetplaza,
Eddie Offermann

I've recently been coming to terms with something.

I'm 37. A lot of the people who know me personally on this thing have known me for a *really* long time, since the early 90s at the very least. Some longer.

And today when I see some 16 year old kid with a mohawk, or some early-20ish fucktard wearing a fucking DK t-shirt I swear to god I want to throw them an old-fashioned boot party. You know... just to welcome them to the neighborhood.

Like a goddamned punk rock Welcome-fucking-Wagon.

YOU are not punk, with your skinny jeans and hot topic bracelets.

I'm going to start going up to punk kids at random and asking "Who's gg allin?"

And at the first "ummm..." I'm going to punch them in the mouth and piss on them.

If they were online, I'd send them the wikipedia entry - but then I'd have to drive over to their house to commit violence and soil their clothing.

It bothers me in some strange way that GG has a wikipedia entry.
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