Top Hat Dave (grim_shadows) wrote in wallstreetplaza,
Top Hat Dave

jeigh in prison...

jeigh in prison...

Jason was moved again today and will spend the next 22 days at this next address. he is still in the same center just a different unit and bunk. any letters that were already sent to him will be forwarded for 30 days from the time they moved him. it usually takes about seven days for him to get any letters mailed within florida and another seven to ten days for you to get a responce. his new address is basically the same with only a few exceptions.

Jason Fronczek ..344654
Reception Medical Center West
P.O.Box 628
Lake Butler ,Fl 32054

The paperwork has been filed for the appeal process to begin and we are just waiting now to get the first date set wich could be anywhere from a month to years. We are doing everything in our power to get this done a quickly as possible. Jason is holding up really well considering the circumstances. He sounds as good a person can sound when they are stuck somewhere they dont want to be and shouldnt be. when he gets transfered to a facility where he can have visitors that information will be posted.
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