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So Many Memories

I found this community by accident tonight when googling Downtown Orlando. I've read through all of the postings, looked at all of the pictures, and found myself lost in memories. I'm not sure how many of you remember me, my name is Lisa and I was the skinny blonde girl with the bright yellow Chevy Cavalier. Blaze (who I met when I joined the Rocky Horror cast) introduced me to Wall Street Plaza in 1992.

I was 16, had graduated from high school early, and was looking for a place to call home. I had an apartment and a job at Universal (for awhile anyway), and Blaze moved in after my previous roommates decided my new friends were too weird and moved out. I lost my job and eventually got evicted a few months later. Wall Street was my haven, I was there almost every night for over a year. Several Wall Street people became roommates or couch surfers at our apartment...which was regularly full of guys from the Navy base bearing large amounts of liquor.

Some of you may also remember my mom Gini. She was a therapist by profession, and came downtown with me several times. She used to hold "office hours" in Subway, and was Mom to a lot of people. Sadly, she passed away from sleep apnea in 2004.

I dropped out of the scene when I got married in 1996, then became reinvolved after my divorce in 2000, when I moved downtown and started working at Terror. I moved to New Orleans in 2001 and came back after Hurricane Katrina. I can't believe what Orlando has become...the exact corporate behemoth we were all afraid of. I got to I-Bar sometimes, but downtown makes me sad these days. I've lost touch with absolutely everybody over the years. Besides Blaze, I used to hang out with Adrian, Myles, Dennis, Misty (aka Alex) and so many others.

Thanks for starting this community. It's great to reconnect with people who remember "way back when."
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